In an attempt to put off the tremendous hassle of buying a couch we got two rocking-esk chairs instead.

New Apartment

As most of you know Eric and I moved across the country to California at the beginning of June. Luckily, we were able to find and rent a pretty kick butt apartment within the first week of arriving here. So after a bit of time to settle in I’ve taken some photos to share with you all.

In an attempt to put off the tremendous hassle of buying a couch we got two rocking-esk chairs instead.   My work station, kept very neat as you can plainly see. The living room, we do things here.

Here thar be feasts. My love, my life. It may look small, but coming from a semi-run down college apartment this kitchen is grandiose.

Sorry for not including pictures of the bed, guest, or bath rooms. Those are still being set up so there’s not much to see. I’ll post them and updated pictures of our entertainment center once they’re put together. Hope you enjoyed and all is well on your end!


2 thoughts on “New Apartment

  1. Aunt Maria says:

    Hi Tricia,

    I love your blog. You cease to amaze me how talented you are. Maybe I’ll learn a few things on your posted recipes. Great photos! You’re making me hungry…

    I love your new apartment.

    So sorry that they had to cut away all of the trees/bushes. They did the same thing by me. We had a 150 year old silver maple right in front of my building. What a waste! Now we get such excessive heat from the sun as there is no protection at all.

    The so called trees experts (arborist) obviously doesn’t know what the hell their doing!

    Looking forward to seeing more postings.

    Love you!
    Aunt Maria

    • triciaroxane says:

      Hey Aunt Maria! Oo, definitely tell me how you like the recipes if you make any! Yeah, the tree situation still urks me. Perhaps I wouldn’t be so annoyed if most people didn’t tote around a super environmentalist hippy vibe, but they do and then they go knocking down perfectly healthy trees. Glad you’re enjoying, thanks for reading! ^u^ -T

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