Sometimes Ferocious is Adorable

Hello everyone and sorry for the short hiatus! I spent all of last weekend having all the fun times with Eric, Zak, and Richard because they’re now spending an entire week at DEF CON without me. Someone cue the sad, sad violin music! Just kidding I’ve planned all the things to keep me occupied. Ahha actually no I’m just going to spend my time at the library because I’m the coolest of humans.

Ahem anyway, Eric and Richard are presenting a project of theirs at the conference and I made an ADORABLY evil mascot to represent them.
It’s way too precious, it wants to haunt all your nightmares… but it just can’t. So, in case anyone desperately wants to make use of the cute little thing I’m licensing it under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Which basically means if you use the image you need to attribute credit for the original to me.

Hopefully all your weekends were as fun as mine and tomorrow we’ll get back to regular programming with a Let’s Cook update. I made kimchi fried rice and it was everything I’d ever hoped and dreamed about. See ya!


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