Motivation for a Better Me

One thing I love about living next to a city is there are a ton of cool things to do only an hour from my apartment. This is also especially awesome for having house guests. Unfortunately, I’m the type of person who can only handle large crowds in small doses. So, after a week of touring SF with a visiting friend – meaning days packed full of dodging people in the city and riding on closely packed BART cars-  I’ve noticed I’d been left with little motivation to blog in the evenings. Being around people all day every day for the past week left me feeling absolutely exhausted and in deep need of recharging mentally – which I had been doing by bingeing on YouTube.

So basically, I’ve been getting back to my apartment every evening this week and doing absolutely nothing. Which is quite lame.

As much as I love YouTube it seems my zoning out to it has not been so much rejuvenating as it has been stagnating. So, I’m officially setting a goal to change that. Instead of plugging in some ear phones and firing up an app I’m now going to try blogging, drawing, or exercising instead. I’ve chosen to focus on those activities in particular because I enjoy them and feel as if I could learn to love them even more by spending a bit more time on them.

I’ve also noticed that rather than having an even amount of energy throughout the day I go through bursts. I’ll get through whatever I have on my schedule and finish the day feeling completely worn out. And let me just say – my schedule is not packed enough for me to be feeling this way, I am in no way overexerting myself. Does this happen to anyone else? Maybe, I just over-stress over things and mentally clock out once I see everything on my check-list crossed off.  Who knows, at any rate I’m hoping having three specified activities which I know I enjoy and want to get better at will help to keep me motivated even after finishing up with daily chores.

So here’s to a more energized and productive future!!


5 thoughts on “Motivation for a Better Me

  1. profundareflexion says:

    Oh I have the same issue – but not because of having to host guests. Instead it is probably because of lack of anything that feels worthwhile to do. And then I have to motivate myself to do something, which takes me from A To B let’s put it this way, and then I am back to that demotivated state with the mindless watching of videos! Your post is giving me some hope…I will try again!

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