Yogurt Granola Breakfast Parfait

Hello everyone! I’m not sure about all of you, but I am pretty atrocious when it comes to eating breakfast. Most days I’ll make myself some coffee and that’s that- for whatever reason I have a hard time getting hungry in the morning which isn’t a healthy habit and is something I’m trying to fix. So I’ve begun delving into the mystical world of light breakfasts. Lame, I know. Most adults probably have the whole breakfast routine down, yet here I am sorting it all out at 25 – sigh. However, I will not be discouraged! I’ve found a couple of recipes that’ve been working out nicely – one of which is this yogurt granola parfait.

Eric got me hooked on this after a business trip to Seattle where I’m guessing he had it every day because he came home ever so slightly addicted to the stuff. I’m not going to lie I was a really hard sell on the idea of parfaits – for whatever reason I couldn’t imagine the combination of yogurt and granola to be tasty. But I stand corrected! The granola and fruit give you something to bite into while the yogurt adds a nice overall smoothness to the dish. I’d definitely recommend trying this out if you’re in the mood for something slightly sweet in the morning.

Yogurt Granola Breakfast Parfait

2015-09-16 15.51.41


1 Cup Greek Gods Greek Style Non-fat Yogurt

1/3 Cup  KIND Healthy Grains Oats & Honey Clusters

1 Cup Fresh Berries

2015-09-16 15.34.47


1. Add ½ a cup of your yogurt to the bottom of your bowl. Smooth it out with a small spatula.
2015-09-16 15.37.01

2. On top of your first layer of yogurt add your granola in an even layer.
2015-09-16 15.39.42

3. Add the rest of your yogurt on top of the granola and top it off with your berries.
2015-09-16 15.44.41 2015-09-16 15.51.12

If you don’t have the same ingredients as me don’t worry! Really any sort of yogurt, granola, and fruit will work – I just picked mine based on taste and being gluten free.


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