5 Ways to Welcome Fall Into Your Home

Hello everyone! Since moving to the Bay Area I’ve really started embracing decorating my home according to the time of year. Which is pretty funny because I really couldn’t be bothered to do so whilst living in Cincinnati. Which I think may have been for a couple of reasons. Reason A) In Ohio I really had to more survive the seasons versus celebrate and enjoy them. Reason B) Both mine and Eric’s families live in Ohio so we’d celebrate at their cozily decorated homes instead of having to put an ounce of effort into getting our own place looking festive. Also, I suppose since moving away I’ve become totally obsessed with making my apartment feel as homey as possible. Really, I’m the weirdo who bakes cookies solely for the smell to waft around my living space. So, since Fall officially starts September 23th I decided to welcome in the season by making a list of fun fall projects to get my home ready for autumn!


Collage by me – Photo Credits Top to Bottom, Left to Right: boston.com | Lulu’s Sweet Secrets | fuckyouverymuch.dk | Luca Schwabe on Flickr | weheartit.com | Des Moines Parent |completelykidsrichmond.com |Liiinux on DeviantArt


Bring the smell of the season indoors

This is hands down my favorite way to change the feel of my living space. Not only did I run to Bath & Body Works for their seasonal candles (I currently have Autumn burning on my bookshelf and Marshmallow Fireside waiting on my coffee table) earlier this week, but I’m also super excited to make some DIY smellies with pomander’s and potpourri. These are just a less expensive way to bring the fresh smell of autumn in with the bright smells of fresh fruit and the spiciness of cinnamon.  An added bonus to the pomander’s is they make an absolutely lovely table centerpiece.

Photo Credit: Southern Living


Bright & Beautiful Pumpkin Carving

To be completely honest I’m not usually very excited about carving pumpkins. All the work and mess only to throw away your beautiful creation in a pretty small amount of time bums me out. However, I’ve decided this year to give pumpkin carving a go because I’m going to try using fake pumpkins (this could be a disaster, I’ll let you know how it goes) and I found this post by Crafty Nest where you carve your pumpkins with a power drill. Seriously, how cool is that. The designs come out so beautiful and elegant that I’m super excited to try this out (plus power tools!!)

Drilled pumpkins

Photo Credit: Crafty Nest


Warm Metallic Accents

This could really mean a lot of things. I love the copper lantern candles holders I’ve seen people using around their homes. Really pretty. I’ve also seen a lot of gold and copper touches woven into throw pillows and place mats while wandering around home goods stores. I just really love the small touches warm metals give that make otherwise boring decorations really pop out at you. I personally am opting to make a gold beaded pumpkin to add some dazzle to my carved pumpkin display. I think it’s going to look super cool in the evening when the carved one’s are lit and the lights bounce off the metal beads.

Photo Credit: The Swell Designer


Dress-Up Your Candles

Dressing-up candles is another simple way to bring the smell of fall indoors. I’m super excited to add a bit more lovely autumn spice to my kitchen by making some cinnamon stick candles to put on my counter tops. If you’re looking for something a bit bigger adding some cinnamon sticks, metallic beads, or leaves to a large glass candle holder will draw people’s eyes and make a beautiful statement piece. Although, if you’re using leaves you should probably either buy a fake candle or place them outside of the candle holder to avoid a fire hazard.

Photo Credit: Home Stories A to Z


Add a bit of rustic charm to your house

This is something I’ve really wanted to do for a while, but haven’t had any inspiration to get a move on with. I feel like there’s something wonderfully nice and cozy about having rustic touches throughout your home – be it with real wood furniture, outdoorsy themes, or vintage pieces that look like they’re straight out of a log cabin. So I’ve decided to start trading out my IKEA mainstays for more unique, rustic inspired items and since fall starts the months where blankets are an absolute must I’ve decided, why not now? I’m going to make a nice little storage box to place next to my coffee table to house all our blankets and (hopefully) keep them from floating around the apartment. It’s a simple, small way to get started on adding more rustic pieces to my home.


Photo Credit: Just Imagine Daily Dose of Creativity

Well that was a long post, but I hope you liked it! I had a ton of fun coming up with projects and am quite excited to start working on all of them ♥


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