Autumn Wishlist – 5 Beauty, Fashion, & Home Items I’m Loving Right Now

Autumn Wishlist 2015

Hello! Today, I thought I might try something new and talk about the top things I’ve been lusting over this season. To me fall is the time for long sleeves, layers, baking, cozy home decor, & deliciously tasty treats. I am so incredibly blessed to have all these things (and more) in my life, but of course I end up falling in love with all the incredible things I see whilst out window shopping and I thought it might be fun to take a look at a what’s been catching my eye lately.

1. I have been obsessed with midi length bodycon dresses this fall! Recently I found this two-piece top and skirt combo from River Island that I love, but probably won’t buy because the price is quite steep. Luckily there are more economic options out there! I bought a mock turtle neck dress at Target the other day that is absolutely gorgeous on and I really can’t get enough of the simple, elegant style.

2. One of my favorite things about autumn is how versatile your closet becomes! You can mix oversized sweaters with flannel with heels with leggings with dresses with cardigans with jackets with knee highs with boots – you get the idea. The world is your oyster and the temperature has just cooled down enough to make layering possible without the need for a bulky coat on top. This part of my wishlist is really my hope that the weather stays beautiful and crisp every day this fall so I can get full use out of my closet.

3. Alright, to be honest I’ve not been bold enough to rock any sort of berry colored lip as of yet, but I’m always so impressed when I see them on other ladies! I love NYX cosmetics and their lip creams are some of my favorite products because of the beautiful pigmentation they have and how wonderfully moisturizing they feel. So I’ve been toying with the idea of getting NYX Copenhagen Soft Matte Lip Cream to finally step foot into this fall beauty trend – we’ll see!

4. By now you all know my insane love affair with candles – Eric’s been joking lately that I need to find a ‘Candle Addicts Anonymous’ and to be honest he’s really not far off the mark. I go through candles like most people go through toilet paper and who makes my favorite chilly weather candles? Bath and Body Works. My last year fall favorite was Leaves and I’m currently in love with my Mini Marshmallow Fireside so I may (who am I kidding, definitely will) go purchase some 3-Wick versions of those scents once they go on sale.

5. Lately I’ve been trying to improve my baking skills & have realized that I have absolutely crap for baking supplies. Like literally every time I’ve wanted to try out a recipe I’ve needed to go and purchase basic tools along with ingredients. Sad. At any rate my lack of baking supplies is really a shame at this particular point in the year because fall marks pie making season and I am all about that! I think my favorite pie would have to be apple and I found the most adorable pie plate ( Grandma’s Easy Apple Pie Recipe Plate ) that I would love to add to my baking collection.


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