Creamy Zucchini Soup

Hello everyone! Today’s post is one of my most beloved favorites from childhood. I was kind of a strange one in that even as a kid I really liked eating veggies, however, I hated zucchini. Couldn’t tell you why, but I deeply identified with Kapp’n the kappa from Animal Crossing and his bawdy ballad about zucchini spooks. Ah what a wonderfully eccentric turtle, any other Animal Crossing fans out there? At any rate, I was not a fan of zucchini and I’m pretty sure my mom used this recipe to con me into eating the stuff. Which obviously worked because this soup is so delicious I couldn’t resist! The trick is the soft Swiss cheese that gives a wonderful rich, creamy flavor. The texture is super smooth and garnishing with nuts brings a great earthy bite to the dish. So give this soup a try sometime when the weather is cold and you need something scrumptious to warm you up!


6 Medium Zucchini
2 Cups Water
2 Cups Chicken Stock
3 Packages Goya Chicken Bouillon
1 Box Original Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese
Pepper to taste



1. Start by preparing your zucchini, slicing it into 1 inch rounds.

Sliced zucchini

2. In a large dutch oven or soup pot, add your zucchini, water, and chicken stock. Cover your soup base and bring it to a boil over high heat – this took me around 10 minutes.

Zucchini soup base

3. Once boiling uncover your base and turn the heat down to medium high. Add in the chicken bouillon and continue to simmer until the zucchini skin is easily pierced with a fork – this took around 15 minutes for me. Once the zucchini has softened, take the pot off the heat and allow it to cool slightly.

Zucchini soup base with bouillon

4. Add your cheese wedges to and pour your soup base into a large glass blender (if using a plastic blender allow the soup to cool fully before taking this step.) Pulse your blender until the soup is well blended and smooth. There may still be bits of zucchini skin, but don’t worry because of how soft they are it won’t effect the texture of the soup.

Zucchini soup base in blender

5. Serve immediately or put the soup back in your pot, keeping it on low heat until ready to serve.Zucchini soup in pot

If you’d like it’s super tasty and quite pretty to garnish the soup with toasted pine nuts when you serve it. Enjoy!

Toasted pine nuts Garnished and served zucchini soup


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