The Best Bits of Winter


Hello everyone!  Since it’s been so long since I’ve made a substantial post – seriously, since before Thanksgiving… whoops – I figured it’d be best to start off the new season by writing a post on the things that make winter the greatest season of all. Obviously not my opinion, but a true fact that winter is the best. Really though, who doesn’t love winter? It’s cozy, sparkly, and there are fairy lights everywhere. I’m not sure why I love it so much and to be perfectly honest it’s like I have a full on personality change when winter hits. Any other time of year if I were to find a single bit of glitter in my apartment I would have an aneurysm, but during winter I’m just like, “Oh that’s so cute, how pretty!” I don’t know, I really don’t. Freakish tendencies aside, let’s go ahead and talk about the parts of winter that make it the king of seasons.

Fairy Lights

I will confess I’m not one of those people who actually has a set time when I think fairy lights are appropriate. I love them all year round, but I especially love when they’re out in force – which is typically around Christmas. After the hellacious five hours that were my CSet exam (really hoping I won’t have to retake that) I finally exited the building into Levi’s Plaza after the sun had gone down when all the trees were lit up and twinkling. I was so sad all I had on me was my phone because it was so beautiful and magical looking, I really need to go back and take some pictures with my real camera.

Silver & Gold

I have a feeling that this one is going to be the most disagreed with out of all my favorites, but I love the combination of metallics during the winter season. To be honest most other times of year I am a bit less inclined toward using silver and gold together, but I think the offset of white on these colors in particular is absolutely gorgeous. Plus even if you don’t have any white decorations around your home there are always the grays and whites of the weather coming in from outside your windows to compliment the warm glow inside your home.

Rustic Decor

Yet another home design element that I really love throughout the year, but find it a lot easier to find pieces for during winter versus any other season. I’ve gotten a bit overly obsessed with deer, plaid, and natural touches this year. Those things aside though, the most exciting decoration we got this year is easily our (first) Christmas tree. Which is fake so it technically only looks like a natural decoration piece. Speaking of which, if you don’t have a fireplace Netflix’s “Fireplace For Your Home” is a really lovely program to help recreate that cozy cabin ambiance in your living room.

Dismal Weather

Okay, so on face value this is probably not peoples first choice for a seasonal favorite (or really a favorite at all for that matter.) However, how lovely is it to be sitting inside cozied up under a blanket with a fire going watching the snow (or rain) fall outside. There’s just something about the terrible weather that winter often brings that amplifies the wonderfulness of creature comforts tenfold. Besides sometimes the worst storms leave the most beautiful icy scenes behind.

Lounge Wear

As much as I love dressing myself up and going out, you can bet your ass that I’m the first one to volunteer to stay home in my PJ’s, burrow under the excessive number of blankets I’ve accumulated, and chill like a puffed up squirrel. This of course means I’ve gathered quite an impressive collection of lounge wear ranging from things I could reasonably run to the grocery in (think exercise type clothes) to onesies that are dedicated to lazy days inside. Perhaps it’s the chill in the air or I just give up on being pristinely presentable as the year ends, but I find myself opting for loungier clothes much more often come wintertime.


Does it seem to anyone else as if every place you turn is filled with deliciousness this time of year? Maybe it’s just me, but I swear the hallmark sweets of Christmas are caramel, chocolate, and peppermint – sometimes alone, sometimes in combination. If Halloween’s candies are characterized by pure sugar flavor than Christmas’ are by smooth creaminess. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just something that I seem to have overlooked until this year after I bought a candy tray and have since had to keep it stocked.

Super Sumptuous Food

Whether it’s just Eric and me at home or the whole family at holiday parties the food we eat during the cold winter months is always warm, delicious, and super rich. The biggest staples I find myself making during the winter are stews, savory pies, and baked Italian dishes. So yes perhaps my winter diet isn’t exactly the healthiest, but hey – everything in moderation and I’ll be making it just fine to Spring.

So there you have it, the absolute best bits of winter in my opinion! Let me know what your favorite parts of winter are in the comments and have a wonderful day!


Giveaway Winner Featured Image

Giveaway Winner

Hello everyone! Sorry for falling off the face of the blogosphere for so long. Between the time it took to get over the flu plus my studying for / taking the teaching exams needed for my college applications I’ve been extra busy this month. Oh also, it is of course the holiday season so along with everything else I’ve been running about prepping cards and gifts to send out for Christmas. So yes all that’s left barely any time to breath let alone blog =C

But I’m excited to say that I’ve finally arrived at a break in all the craziness and just in time to announce a winner for my 100 Follower Celebration Giveaway!

I’m very excited to announce that the winner is…

Anina Van Der Vorst!

Congratulations Anina and a huge thank you to everyone who participated!

I can’t wait to start up with blogging again so expect to see tons of festive winter and Christmas related posts coming up soon! Have a lovely day everyone!


Turkey at Muir Woods

Bye November & Thanksgiving Photo Diary

Hello everyone! This is going to be a very short update because somehow, someway in between all my studying and Thanksgiving prepping I found the time to contract the flu. Yes so until I’m well enough to do anything other than lay in bed and surf the internet please enjoy some pictures from my Thanksgiving week!


Reveling in the glorious results of my Thanksgiving cook-a-thon

I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy start to the holiday season!


100 Follower Celebration Giveaway

100 Follower Celebration Giveaway

Hello everyone! So a little while ago something very exciting happened here on Sometimes I Cook and that is – drum roll please – we reached 100 followers!


(Sadly, I was a tad bit slow on the screenshot so we’re stuck with a 105 notification instead of a solid 100)

Since this is a very exciting occasion and it happens to be the season of giving I figured why not host a giveaway? I really wanted to thank you for all the support you give me and give back by putting together a gift box filled with my favorite cold weather essentials. So that’s just what I did and here’s what you can win!

Gift Box Goodies:
Luker Colombian Hot Chocolate
Sol Colombian Hot Chocolate
Metro Luxe Home Throw
Starbucks San Francisco Collector Mug

Right when that characteristic winter chill settles into the air I get in the mood for hot beverages and there is no better drink to get rid of the cold than Colombian hot chocolate. I’ve loved this treat since I was a kid so it was the perfect candidate to include in this box. I’ve gathered up everything you’ll need to make your own hot chocolate at home with the instructions provided on my Colombian Hot Chocolate post. Next thing I absolutely need on a chilly day is a cozy blanket to wrap up in and I fell in love with this blanket whilst out shopping. The outside is a super soft faux fur in a cool geometric design and the lining is a plush lambswool material. No lies I really want to steal the blanket for myself, I might actually try and find a second one for my living room I love it THAT much. Finally, the last thing I decided to include is a San Francisco mug from Starbucks. One of my favorite winter night time routines is getting cozy on the couch wrapped up tight in a blanket, with a steaming mug of chocolate in my hands, and a movie playing on the TV. I picked this mug because I felt its SF motif was a great way to celebrate the catalyst to my love for blogging.

I hope this gift box will bring some coziness from my home to yours and hopefully you’re as excited to enter to win as I am to give everything away!

Rules for Entering:

1. Follow my blog:
You can do this through Wordpress (sidebar), email (sidebar), or bloglovin’ (click the link)
2. Like this post & comment:
‘Tis the season to celebrate with [your name]
3. Share this post:
Reblog, Facebook, Twitter, whichever social media platform you prefer – just leave a link in your comment so I can verify.

Now here’s where things get a bit unconventional, I wanted to let people enter more than once so you can pick one, some, or all of the following to add your name to the pool multiple times:

This means you can enter to win up to four times! On that not, a quick FYI – if your name on any of the above social media sites doesn’t match the name in your comment on this post please let me know. I don’t want anyone getting left out because of troubles with name matching.

So that’s that! The giveaway will run from today Friday, November 20th, 10:00:00 AM (PST) to Thursday, December  10th, 12:00 Midnight (PST).

The winner will be randomly selected in a videoed hat drawing (yes I’m going very old school on this) and I will announce them on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015.

Good luck to everyone!


Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award

Hello everyone and happy (late) Monday! I hope all of your weekends were lovely and filled with fun. I spent mine studying and to be perfectly honest, I had a really wonderful time doing just that. I suppose I did take breaks for brunch and some shopping and buying all my Thanksgiving supplies (which I’m super excited about), but otherwise it was a super chill time and I feel like even though I’m still extremely nervous about my upcoming tests I’m feeling a smidgen of a bit more confident.

So yes, I have a lot more studying scheduled for this week plus another post that I’m REALLY excited about to celebrate Sometimes I Cook’s most recent milestone! I may also try to squeeze in an October favorites post, but because I’ve got the CBest on the 23rd and the CSet on the 30th those are my first priorities. If I don’t get it up this week I’ll have it up next week (just in time for the end of Novembe ~yay!)

For now, let chat about the lovely Krista Kemp and her blog, From Food Stamps To A Future, who graciously nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award!

Blogger Recognition Award

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to Krista! It was so kind of you to nominate me for this award and I’m thrilled to be able to say some fantastic things about your blog on here. I was first drawn to Krista’s blog by our mutual love of crafting and DIY projects. Krista is an incredibly talented creator and an amazing entrepreneur – she has that knack to see the greatness in what she ( and other people) can offer to others and is then able to gain a market for her talent. That alone is something I look up to so highly because I sure as hell can’t do it haha. The things that really keep me coming back to her blog though are her incredible life story and warm personality. Without giving too much away (because you really ought to read her All About Me page yourself) she has lead a life filled with the ups and downs that often crush lesser willed people. Life has been difficult for her, but instead of letting that push her down she’s learned from the obstacles she’s had to face and is sharing that knowledge with the world through her blog. Even more inspiring Krista is the type of person who will offer friendly words, encouragement, and advice without asking for anything in return – people as giving as her are rare. So I’ll finish up by saying again thank you so so much for your nomination Krista, you’re a huge inspiration to me and I hope we become even better friends!

How Sometimes I Cook got started:

I originally started this blog way back in 2011 as a place to document recipes and provide my friends some help in the cooking department. Unfortunately I wasn’t terribly motivated to post because instead of cooking and writing about it at home I could instead go to my friends houses for a night of cooking, drinking, and girl time. The competition as too good and my blog ended up severely neglected. It wasn’t until I moved from Ohio to California that I really got into blogging. I used it as a way to not only post recipes, but to keep in touch with my family and friends back home. I wanted to show everyone how weird California was and since group texts can be terribly confusing what better way to do that than write rant about it here. I’ve since become accustomed to most things, but still sometimes… Anyway, I started posting more and more until I got to where I am today! I will say it’s a little surreal to me that ANYONE outside of the people who personally know me want to read my posts, but hey you’re more than welcome!

What little advice I can offer:

I feel like I am the worst person to ask for blog advice (mostly because I consider myself a complete noob at this), but c’est la vie!

I think the best tip I can give is to not box yourself in when it comes to blog content. A huge problem I had when I first started was that not only was it easier to cook with my friends, but I kept getting writer’s block because I had barricaded myself into such a narrow focus. I know every successful blogger out there has given the mantra to make sure your blog has a defined objective – I just don’t think anyone should feel as if they are trapped writing on only one specific topic. Your blog should be your place to freely express yourself and have fun! And since almost every person I’ve met in life is more than one dimensional feel free to let your blog be that way too.

15 Blogs I would like to nominate for this award:

1. Cultivating Foodies
2. Empower Love
3. The Falling Thoughts
4. Goan Imports
5. In These Global Shoes
6. Peace from Panic
7. Peachy Tales
8. A Pinch of Sea Salt
9. Ordinary Adventures
10. The Cricket Pages
11. Robyn Christi | Things and Stuff
12. Sincerely, Kaytee
13.  Tales of Chinese Cooking
14. Teacup Talk
15. With All My Affection

I suppose that’s it then! If you’ve been nominated (or are just interested) please click on the award image to visit Edge of Night, Eve Estelle’s blog, where the originating post was published! As always, have a fantastic day!