An Accidental Guest Room Redecorate

Why yes, you read that right a whole eight months after first decorating our guest room I decided to re-do the entire damn thing. Why? I found some super cool posters at a garage sale. Don’t always look to me for the best life choices. But, also because every time I passed the room I felt as if it didn’t have enough color and I just wanted the overall feel of the room to be a bit more grown up.

2015-05-19 16.23.10

2015-05-19 14.14.07

2015-05-19 16.24.23

2015-05-19 16.27.22

2015-05-19 16.26.18


Be Our Guest

At last! I’m finally posting pictures of our apartment’s freshly decorated guest room. Everyone may now sleep soundly at night knowing you will have your own room with an (extremely) comfortable air mattress with which to rest your weary head when you visit. I now give you leave to start moving around your vacation days and booking your flights.

2014-08-29 17.34.59 2014-08-29 17.35.40 2014-08-29 17.36.09

In case anyone is wondering I got the template for the Wifi sign at Life Love Lauren.


Weekend Adventrue Through Haight-Asbury

Well, I owe everyone an apology because this post is a full day late. Why? Well because my weekend was filled with fantastic times gallivanting around Haight-Asbury with friends, which was super awesome and fun, but also sapped every ounce of writing energy out of me. Anywho, I figured I’d share some pictures of our adventures and of the guest room that is (slowly) coming together.

These first pictures were taken during our lovely walk from the 16th Street Mission BART station to Haight which was up a oh… 60 degree incline. No big deal, I just felt as if my lungs were on fire and collapsing in on themselves by the time we got to the peak of the mountainous hill.

2014-08-09 14.21.132014-08-09 14.16.012014-08-09 14.29.202014-08-09 14.08.08

2014-08-09 14.22.01

The sign that greeted us at the summit

Once in Haight we stopped for food and drinks at Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery. You may notice a distinct lack of pictures of the Chicken Habanero Sausage I ordered. I have no excuse other than I was STARVING after our walk and practically inhaled it. The sausage and tomatillo salsa were super spicy, but were balanced perfectly by the cucumber avocado salad. It was seriously so fantastic. I was able to get a shot of Patrick’s beer and my Pomegranate Cider. Which tasted like candy, but wasn’t cloyingly sweet. Other than that we basically just wandered aimlessly around, ducking in and out of the millions of shops lining the streets.

2014-08-09 15.01.442014-08-09 18.04.102014-08-09 18.04.26

Whilst shopping I bought a Labbit plush from Kidrobot and adorable postcards from Loved to Death to use as guest room decorations. My favorites were the ones of cat’s dressed up like people.

2014-08-11 15.43.03

2014-08-11 15.41.212014-08-11 15.43.41

Hope you enjoyed!


So It’s a Japanese Dollar Store?

Yesterday I went on an adventure around Downtown Berkeley to find a few bits and bobs for around the house. Now you might be thinking, why make a two BART stop ride just for housewares (that you probably don’t even need)? Two words – Daiso Japan – essentially the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store. Brace yourselves, pictures are coming.

2014-07-23 14.04.00

My first experience with one of these gems was around my second week living in San Francisco during Eric and my Japantown visit. This store is fantastic. It’s made up of rows and rows of housewares, crafting supplies, beauty products, and snacks. Sure, some of the products might be a bit on the low end quality wise, but if you look hard enough you can make some truly nice discoveries here. I’ll never understand people who refuse to shop at discount stores and insist that no matter what the products there are crap. If you walk in ready to look through everything carefully and buy only the items worth the price then you’re guaranteed to walk out with something nice. All you need is a bit of patience. Speaking of the price, unless otherwise marked EVERYTHING in the store is $1.50. I’ve been to Daiso three times (each at a different location) and I’ve never been able to break twenty as a grand total. Which is miraculous considering how banana sandwich I go over the snacks.

2014-07-23 13.47.042014-07-23 13.47.272014-07-23 13.49.102014-07-23 13.39.11

After buying out the store I went to the Honeyberry across the street and got a Green Tea Snow Cup for the walk home. The super cold green tea flavor ice covered in deliciousness kept me nice and cool in what felt like broiling heat. In reality it was only 80 degrees out, but San Francisco has done a great job at breaking my internal temperature regulation. Damn perfect weather all the time.

2014-07-23 14.10.242014-07-23 14.06.58 2014-07-23 14.08.172014-07-23 14.11.19

Here are some shots of my purchases. My favorite is definitely the crescent moon book stand that I’ve dedicated to keeping my Sailor Moon manga in place. Ahem yes, so I may have a compulsive problem with organization and matching, but it just makes me so happy! How can you not love that? A moon book stand holding up Sailor Moon Manga? No? Okay, just me then.

2014-07-23 14.51.18 2014-07-23 14.53.35

Hope you enjoyed!


About to Join the Pissed Off and Angry Party

I had planned to do a post on Eric and my anniversary today (since we’re planning to get dinner at a Korean restaurant and I know there’s going to be some fantastic food porn opportunities), however, that must wait! As I’m quite pissed off right now and am instead going to indulge myself in a rant post.
SO LEAVE NOW if you don’t want to read about me going on about trees and how California makes no god damn sense.

Earlier this week I made a post about my new apartment in California. One of the main selling points of the place was its beautiful backyard. Okay, so as an apartment building outside San Francisco I’m not talking so much about a sprawling grassy plain of a backyard as much as a walkway surrounded by flowering trees and bushes. Unfortunately, since moving in several of the trees that made the area so beautiful have been cut down or severely trimmed. Oh here’s another thing these were perfectly healthy trees, they were just considered to be in the way or overgrown by various building owners.
So here’s my question California why in god’s good earth are you cutting down perfectly good trees whilst toting that you are the “Earth conscious”, “ahead of the curb” state?! For fucks sake I see “smog checks” for cars every mile, have to pay for plastic grocery bags if I forget my reusable ones, and have been stopped on the street more times than I can count to discuss the positive wonders of recycling – yet here I am appreciating nature only to have it obliterated almost entirely from my backyard. What the actual fuck!?

Please excuse my language, but as I listen to the chainsaws and carnage outside my balcony the feels are overwhelming me.

The other hilarity of this situation is that the trees were not only beautiful they were fantastic privacy enforcers as well. Now, if you happen to be in any my neighbors’ backyards and look anywhere near my balcony you’ll involuntarily be looking straight into my living room. That’s right folks, if any of you were wanting to see me naked all you have to do is walk to into my or any of my neighbors backyards, glance up, and get a full on peep show. Not that I’m naked all the time, but one of the greats joys of having your own apartment is that pants are almost always optional. Okay now I’m getting off track that is not what this post is about; we can discuss my questionable living habits some other time.
I digress. Why, oh why California do you tear down both form and functionally appropriate trees whilst claiming to be the saviors of the planet Earth? I do not understand it.

Before: Oh, how lovely. Such nature. Much beauty.

2014-06-12 17.30.31  2014-06-12 17.30.53

After: Is that a naked person I see? Ah well, I’m living in California, gotta be open!

2014-07-16 12.28.52  2014-07-16 12.34.09

The tiny plants we bought in an attempt at privacy and as a fuck you to any neighbors trying for a free peep show.

Well, rant over and if you stuck through this, god bless you and have a wonderful day because you are a truly saint-like human being.