100 Follower Celebration Giveaway

100 Follower Celebration Giveaway

Hello everyone! So a little while ago something very exciting happened here on Sometimes I Cook and that is – drum roll please – we reached 100 followers!


(Sadly, I was a tad bit slow on the screenshot so we’re stuck with a 105 notification instead of a solid 100)

Since this is a very exciting occasion and it happens to be the season of giving I figured why not host a giveaway? I really wanted to thank you for all the support you give me and give back by putting together a gift box filled with my favorite cold weather essentials. So that’s just what I did and here’s what you can win!

Gift Box Goodies:
Luker Colombian Hot Chocolate
Sol Colombian Hot Chocolate
Metro Luxe Home Throw
Starbucks San Francisco Collector Mug

Right when that characteristic winter chill settles into the air I get in the mood for hot beverages and there is no better drink to get rid of the cold than Colombian hot chocolate. I’ve loved this treat since I was a kid so it was the perfect candidate to include in this box. I’ve gathered up everything you’ll need to make your own hot chocolate at home with the instructions provided on my Colombian Hot Chocolate post. Next thing I absolutely need on a chilly day is a cozy blanket to wrap up in and I fell in love with this blanket whilst out shopping. The outside is a super soft faux fur in a cool geometric design and the lining is a plush lambswool material. No lies I really want to steal the blanket for myself, I might actually try and find a second one for my living room I love it THAT much. Finally, the last thing I decided to include is a San Francisco mug from Starbucks. One of my favorite winter night time routines is getting cozy on the couch wrapped up tight in a blanket, with a steaming mug of chocolate in my hands, and a movie playing on the TV. I picked this mug because I felt its SF motif was a great way to celebrate the catalyst to my love for blogging.

I hope this gift box will bring some coziness from my home to yours and hopefully you’re as excited to enter to win as I am to give everything away!

Rules for Entering:

1. Follow my blog:
You can do this through Wordpress (sidebar), email (sidebar), or bloglovin’ (click the link)
2. Like this post & comment:
‘Tis the season to celebrate with [your name]
3. Share this post:
Reblog, Facebook, Twitter, whichever social media platform you prefer – just leave a link in your comment so I can verify.

Now here’s where things get a bit unconventional, I wanted to let people enter more than once so you can pick one, some, or all of the following to add your name to the pool multiple times:

This means you can enter to win up to four times! On that not, a quick FYI – if your name on any of the above social media sites doesn’t match the name in your comment on this post please let me know. I don’t want anyone getting left out because of troubles with name matching.

So that’s that! The giveaway will run from today Friday, November 20th, 10:00:00 AM (PST) to Thursday, December  10th, 12:00 Midnight (PST).

The winner will be randomly selected in a videoed hat drawing (yes I’m going very old school on this) and I will announce them on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015.

Good luck to everyone!